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Search Engine


Dominate your competition and stand out in your industry with our customised targeted approach.

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search engine marketing

Search Engine


At Generate YOUR AUDIENCE, our ads are designed to disrupt the audience & connect with the consumers emotions.

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social media marketing

Social Media


Our team develop influential sponsored posts that turn genuine leads into lifetime customers for your business.

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Website Design & Development

Website Design
& Development


We don’t just create a website, We create a lead generation platform for your brand to increase sales and brand awareness.

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Why Generate Your Audience?


At GYA our collaborative approach will ensure that we deliver a successful digital marketing strategy for you. Understanding your business, your goals and your customer are essential to delivering on our commitments. We truly partner with you to deliver what is right for both you as our client and GYA. As after all, your success as our client is only measured by our success as your marketing partner.

Our approach encourages participation, understanding, transparency and accountability in order to build and manage your digital and social strategy.

Results Driven

Motivated by results, our high energy team of professionals work with you to define the desired goals and deliver the digital strategy to ensure the return on your investment.

Collaborate with Integrity

Open communication is the key to a successful relationship, we believe in transparency and complete honesty. We seek to understand your business and partner for success. Doing what is right by our client is doing what is right by GYA

Retention Focused

We partner for the long term results, continuous improvement and growth. Our service ethic is built around being the very best partner to our clients. Our willingness to receive and act on our customers feedback is an invaluable acquisition within GYA.

Innovate and be Creative

We at GYA seek to understand what value means to our clients so that we can create a successful marketing solution. Our team collaborate to ensure we push the boundaries and keep evolving our thinking processes to meet the ever-changing landscape of digital.

Team Culture

Our team values are what we at GYA value the most, these are the foundations that our high-performance culture is based. We encourage our team to be creative and open minded, we actively pursue and support growth and learning, we have open and trusting relationships and value diversity and equality within the team.

Real Results

Our Success

300% increase in online purchases

Our targeted Google ads along with social media marketing ensured an immediate increase in revenue in the first month of partnership with a leading e-commerce retailer.

2000 New customers in the last 12 months

Our digital strategy grew sales within the first 6 months & resulted in the barbershop having to hire 2 additional people to keep up with the demand.

2800 Active monthly users

Our launch campaign gained valuable marketspace in the health industry securing over 2800 active monthly users on the Dental search platform.

30 First page rankings

We secured market dominance with a fully equipped SEO strategy that grew online bookings and delivered 20% of new customers through search.


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Don’t just take OUR word for it!

Exclusive insights for growing your brand in 2019

Exclusive insights for growing your brand in 2019

Our FREE Digital Marketing E-Book outlines:

  • Digital Marketing Trends of 2019
  • Voice Search
  • Video Marketing
  • Why Content is King
  • E-Commerce Retail
  • Marketplaces
  • E-Commerce
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Page Speed is a Ranking Factor
  • How to Make Video Work in 2019

300% increase in revenue in 12 months.

Watch how GYA helped a Sydney Barber grow!

Our Valued Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

What social media networks should I be using

It depends on your audience, but it’s recommended that you incorporate Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn into your content marketing strategies. These platforms have great reach, and convert brand awareness to revenue for your business.

Don’t discredit snapchat either. Snapchat business accounts are easy-enough to manage, and profitable if your target demographic are ages 16-35.

What is SEO

SEO embodies techniques, tools and strategy that allows the information you publish on your website to be discovered, improving and maximising reach. Your web content is later ranked against similar websites on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc.

Keywords and phrases are the bread & butter to SEO, and this works cohesively with your webpage content.

Do I need SEO

Yes. Search Engine Optimisation, commonly known as SEO, is your ticket to the races. Without it, your business is not even competing amongst your direct competitors online.

How long does it take to see results

If you haven’t been competing in the online world, you’re likely to see results immediately through paid advertising strategies (PPC). Established businesses can measure brand awareness through sales conversion online and/or the increase of foot traffic to physical stores.

It’s important to understand your long term goals. Whilst immediate results are great, they may not be profitable in the long term. Curating your best content and implementing a yearly strategy that encompasses all elements of marketing is the best way to achieve longevity and profitability.

What is Digital Marketing How is it different from Regular Marketing

Digital marketing, widely referred to as inbound marketing, is the strategic placement of content, offers and communication in the online world.

Outbound marketing is the original form of traditional marketing. We associate outbound planning activities with events, direct mail, print and TVC/Radio advertisement.

As customer experience is as important as ever, it’s important to focus on campaigns that can align both outbound & inbound strategies.

What are the best ways to optimise my site

Creating content based on information your customer’s tell you. You can find this information via quantitive analysis of your customer loyalty and your purchased services/products. Compare these results with total trade area census information for your surrounding areas and adjust your content accordingly to appeal to your audience.

What sort of results can be expected out of the SEO campaign

More Traffic = More Brand Awareness.
More Brand Awareness = More Purchases.

How do I get started

Contact us via or 02 9641 6603. Organise your free confidential consultation with one of our experts.

We also offer complimentary online audits of your business.
Arrange a meeting today and let us know how you take your tea or coffee. We’ll have it ready for you when you get here.

How much does your services cost

Cost is estimated based on the size of your business, your needs, and contract length with us. Entry level packages start at $500 per month.

Do you send reports

Yes. Reports are generated weekly and monthly by our team of analysts. We also offer 24/7 access to your very own business dashboard. This allows you to track all online data in real-time.

How Long Does it Take to Rank

If you’ve got the resources, you can rank quickly. It really comes down to how helpful and accurate your information is. Great video marketing and domain authority really propel your business into the swing of things.

PS: Domain authority is when your online content is shared via credible websites. For example; If a company like Woolworths, Nike, or Commonwealth Bank were to share a link to your content, on any of their pages, this would sky rocket your ranking drastically.


Yes. We offer a complimentary & comprehensive online audit. Contact us via or 02 9641 6603.

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